A series of Q&As with the Agatha team and one of our wonderful brands. We hear from the stockists, the designers, the people behind the pieces you love.

This week it’s one of ours, and your, favourites; A Postcard From Brighton. We asked Lainey 💖

What is the ethos of A Postcard From Brighton?
    Well our ethos has always been about slow sustainable fashion that can be worn by any one any where  .. a clothing brand that you will be happily wearing  the item you bought today in  10 years time with the confidence it will still be super stylish ... it is also has to work as hard as you do and can be worn from beach to bar to barbecue to  boardroom  even to bed ... 24 hour dressing that you can completely up style by changing your lipstick shoes and slinging on a blazer and you are ready for anything ... plus it’s easy to wash with no need to iron ! 

    Where do you find inspiration?
      I find inspiration all around including  music , politics art exhibitions around the world , vintage stores  ,  the environment including the sky at night ... and last but not least the catwalk ! 
      Look out for our new Patch work print mixed with a micro leopard and our other look will be a soft antiqued golden star .... 

      What’s the best thing about working for APFB? 
        Mmmm I work with a lovely bunch of people and that includes all our amazing boutiques who have supported and believed in us for over 10 years, Most have been with us from the start of our adventure .... no two days are the same ! 

        How do you think the fashion world has changed in the past 5 years? (Or longer!)
          I think people of woke up to how clothing is produced and want ethically sourced clothing with a low carbon footprint ... which is great for us as our clothing is made in the Uk with our fabric bring knitted only a Mile from our factory and warehouse so it’s very environmentally friendly .
          We no longer want clothing that will be in landfill in a months time ... 
          also the internet has dominated the high street but a see a big swing back to physically shopping in the future   in our high street where it will become a cherished experience , a destination, a day   out ... something to look forwards to , to talk , touch the fabrics and try on and be advised .. to love and laugh and enjoy the whole actual  shopping adventure  then go for a delicious tea or a glass  of fizz   rather than just click and wait for the postman ..... 

          What is your proudest achievement in the fashion/retail world? 
            To start our lovely label A Postcard from Brighton which was a life long dream ... 

            What do you think are the most exciting things about the upcoming collection from APFB? 
              Well I believe we are one of the best leisure wear brands around , I like to call it “pleasure wear “ and it’s perfect for our new environment of working and living at moment so there will be lots of pieces to make you smile and feel good 

              Must have piece for SS21?
                Hard to say , I don’t think you can beat our hero pieces of Sammy Vest and Flick zipped top ... they take you anywhere and always make you feel sassy and sexy !

                What is ‘style’ to you?
                  Style to me is dressing in my favourite things everyday,  as I firmly believe everyday should be a “best “ day and adding a quirky piece of jewellery or boots  to personalise my look .... I think we all have our one signature thing that makes us feel unique .. style is everlasting .... we are all beautiful.. and not defined by a number eg size or age .. they are irrelevant....  we are our  own style ! 💖

                  Best piece of advice you’ve received?
                    What a great question ! My mum told me never to give up on my dreams and to always have a slice of toast with peanut butter , honey and a banana before I used to go out clubbing ! Still do that now before I get aquatinted with my good friend Tequila lol xx 

                    A positive from lockdown 2020/2021?
                      We are all stronger than we ever thought possible 💖💖💖💖💖 and I don’t need to wash my hair everyday lol ! Xxx 

                      Much love 
                      (Picture) That’s me just now , working from home in my favourite Flick zip top and current collection Gina leggings xxxx 


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